is an inventive multi-media artist, musician, and dear friend (Albany, NY)

Troy Cloth and Paper
is an eco-design and print shop -originally named Design It Together – the sister company to Do It Together Records (Troy, NY)

Tumbleweed Entertainment
is a musician-friendly, animal-friendly label and promotions company (Canada)

T.O.F.U. magazine
is a d.i.y. free-form vegan publication (Halifax, NS, CAN)

Subcat Studios
is a world-class, state of the art audio recording studio and full-service print and duplication facility in the heart of Syracuse (Armory Square, Syracuse, NY)

Strong Hearts Cafe
is our favorite Vegan place to eat (Syracuse, NY)

Make My Day Records
is an independent record label based in Germany with a hand-picked selection of artists they believe in, not for politics or marketability.

Expect Candy Records
is an awesome independent Record Label (Bielefeld, Germany)

Phantom Limb Recordings
is a label for experimental sounds and specialty hand-pressed releases (Los Angeles, CA)

2nd Records
is a record label specializing in indie-electronica music (Hamburg, Germany)

Friends of Mine Records
is an friendly independent record label (Japan)

Cargo Records
Online CD & Vinyl Sales and music distribution (UK)

Selma Travels
European Booking agency (DE)

Aux Records
is an indie-rock record label started in 2004 by Ulf Oesterle (Syracuse, NY)

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the treatment of factory-farm-animals. (Woodstock, NY)

friends of animals are friends of ours!

Momentary Prophets
are earthy/groovy musician friends (Manassas, Virginia)

Matthew Carefully
is the mandolin magic man (Collar City Records, Albany, NY)

Boston-based Art-Rock band (Boston,MA)

Wooly Mar
is an amazing multi-media artist (Brattleboro, VT)

She Owl
is a performing artist/singer/songwriter project originally from Torino,Italy (Leipzig,DE)

Broken Toys
is an artist collective like D.I.T. based in Italy but supporting artists around the world

is an indie record label (Leipzig, DE)

Nohow On
is an energetic, sincere garagefolk band (Littleton,MA)

Will Brierly and The Roller Holsters
Wonderful Musician/Magician/Friend from MA