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Amanda Rogers – WILD (2014 – dit010) $22 (includes shipping within the U.S.)Amanda Rogers’ 9th Solo album, WILD, out April 2nd, 2014 – featuring 19 new songs and a secret bonus cover song (only available on physical CD). Deluxe double-album Digipack with 16-page lyric/picture book.

Amanda Rogers is as resourceful as she is versatile when it comes to her craft of songwriting. Drawing from both the whimsical depths of her mind and the tangible world around her, WILD speaks of Amanda’s many recollected stories while navigating life with an “old soul of a gypsy” and the precise moments of finding true love, home, and balance. With the rigid rules and patronizing patterns commonly found in todays pop music, WILD is to be considered unencumbered and unconventional. With Amanda’s penchant and ability to write catchy hooks and addictive melodies, the result is an album reminiscent of the classic songwriting from the 50′s, 60′s, and 70′s, splashed with the raw-edges and fearlessness of the 90′s. The very nature of this album is “wild”.

Dusty Pas’cal – Human Heart (2012 – dit009) $15 (includes shipping within U.S.)

Dusty Pas’cal’s sincere, warm and honest masterpiece, Human Heart, communicates effectively through brutal, yet beautifully transparent lyrics and instrumentation that varies from stark guitar to layers of bass, drums, fiddle, piano, pedal steel, additional vocals and more. It’s crafted to take listeners through jaunty tales of a crazy girl from Kansas City (“The Premonition”) and a man born in Bowling Green, Ky. (“Sammy the Sucker”) or sad, but true circumstances (“Two to Fall”). Each song on this 15 track album is a gem. From the ear-perking poetic lyrics of “Sundried Heart” to the powerful climax of “40 Mile”. Hang on through the whole album: It’s a trip you want to take over and over again.

The Pleasants – Revolt (2012 – dit008) $15 (includes shipping within the U.S.)
The sophomore release by folk duo, Amanda Rogers and Mike Matta, showcases an edgier side to their dreamy vocal layers and classic 70s songwriting. Physical copies SOLD OUT! Digital download available HERE
The Pleasants’ debut album “Forests And Fields” marked the birth of musical project. Their sophomore release, “REVOLT”, marked the death of that very project. It was an unintentional musical statement that when you listen to both albums back to back, you can hear the shift.The lyrics and artwork of each album is also full of imagery and symbols that further support the birth and death parallel.

Amanda Rogers – Hope From The Forgotten Woods (2012-dit007) $15(includes shipping within the U.S.)

A 16 track concept album. A dark and intimate soundscape that supports the confessions fo a would-be serial killer – full of pain, passion, vengeance, liberation, and self-observation. release date April 27th, 2012 through Make My Day Records (EU) and Do It Together Records (U.S.) 

Time Travels – Time Travels (self titled 12-song album) (2011 – dit006) $10(includes shipping within the U.S.)

Time travels, the latest project by singer/songwriter Frankie McGinnis, traverses the territory between complexity and simplicity with their range of comparisons from artists like Sufjan Stevens or The Shins to the sweet simplistic stylings of Buddy Holly. This Album is chock full of layered melodic modern pop with an underlying intelligence and a surprising bite!

The Pleasants-Forests and Fields (2010 – dit004) $15 ( includes shipping within the U.S.)

Amanda Rogers and Mike Matta lay bare their love for harmony-laden rock and blues on their first 12-song recording together as The Pleasants. The collection of songs on “Forests and Fields” showcases masterful song-writing and enlightened lyrical themes. It was a fortuitous collaboration, as if two people were wandering lost in the woods and happened to find each other only to realize they were singing the same song. These two melody-makers may be merely acoustic musicians, but they bring an intensity and poetic mischievousness to “Forests And Fields”. You feel their harmonies pierce your soul and you feel as though you have been let in on a little secret by the end of the record. LISTEN LOUD.

Jolanda- Aubade (2010 – dit003) $12

Jolanda’s Aubade is the night spent waiting for the dawn. Seven characters live seven surreal stories: a woman loses her shadow, children are turned into orchids, two lovers face their own ghosts, an astronaut is hijacked on the sun, a butterfly-girl plays with paper-made friends, a faceless child talks to the moon, a man confides in his recollection. There’s the possibility to change the future by waking up at sunrise ‘for the first time’. One by one, they go down in the street with nightmares, dreams and ghosts, all gathering in a silent Parade to the dawn, to fight their expected end of life. At daybreak, only one man is still asleep. He wakes up while the silent Parade is passing, and he sees his reflection leaving the mirror to jump out of the window. The man sees his reflection joining the Parade down the street, and decides to follow it, toward the dawn.

Amanda Rogers – Heartwood (2008 – 002) $15 ( includes shipping within the U.S.)

Amanda’s most positive record to date,written from the darkest gloom…where seeds of song inspired hope, strength, and change, and roused her from the death-like sleep.”[This] latest record from Amanda Rogers sounds like a bit of an awakening. This new record from the indie pop singer / songwriter offers a livelier out-of-the-gloom experience than her previous works.” (Los Angeles-based internet radio station, KGRL (http://www. kgrl. fm) listed HEARTWOOD as one of KGRL’s Best Albums Of 2008.)”Sweet and smooth songwriting… Ms. Rogers takes her sound in a more upbeat direction and the results are superbly heartwarming” (Bay Area-based music blog ( listed HEARTWOOD #27 on Top 100 albums of 2008)

“may just restore your faith in singer/song-writers.”(, a site for indie artists)

The Sketchy Indians – Sippin’ 40s  (2008 – dit000) $5

The first-ever release from this mysterious song-writing collective,  is an 11-song basement masterpiece to inspire, celebrate, contemplate, and reflect on until the end of time… Who knows who there are, when they are, or why they are, but all will agree that the gelatinous noises of Sippin’ 40′s go down as easy as that sweet, sweet nectar we know as malt liquor.

“You’ll hear more interesting things coming out of a stone.” (Jared Melville)

“This album reminds me of every Planet of the Apes sequel.” (Jared Melville)

“The Sketchy Indians’ debut release, ‘Sippin’ 40s,’ has reinvented the drink coaster.” (J.M.)


Amanda Rogers – The Places you Dwell  (immigrant sun records, 2003) (2012 – ditr01)

Amanda Rogers – Daily News (immigrant sun records, 2004) (2012 – ditr02)

Amanda Rogers- Something Borrowed, Something Blue E.P. (immigrant sun records, 2005) (2012 – ditr03)

Amanda Rogers – GreatApes – Unreleased demos from 1998-2006 limited 100 pressing (2010 – dit005) (Digital version still available)

Amanda Rogers – Good Morning Heartwood E.P. limited 500 pressing (2007 – dit001) (Digital version still available)

Amanda Rogers- Grant Sessions E.P. (2002) (Digital Version still available)

Amanda Rogers- Here and Nowhere (1999)