The Pleasants were born in the green mountains of Vermont in 2009 on a crisp, frost covered, April morning. Mixing equal parts whiskey, dusty earth, and spring water, The Pleasants evoke a strange sense of longing for simpler times and lyrically draw on past experiences when young hearts and minds are unspoiled and uncorrupted by modern exploitations. Sometimes described as intense folk but best described as “Indie Grunge” or “Recession Rock”, The Pleasants weave together music familiar yet altogether new. Bonded by their love of REAL music, this song-writing duo (Amanda Rogers and Mike Matta) has bounded on their musical journey and have released their first record appropriately titled “Forests and Fields” which is available in the U.S. through Do It Together Records, in Japan through Friend Of Mine Records, and in Europe through Make My Day Records.The Pleasants will be on tour in the U.S. throughout Spring and Summer and Europe this Autumn, bringing their harmony-laden blend of recession rock to a town near you.