London based singer/songwriter STEAD (the acronym of his real name, Stefano Antoci D’Agostino) was born in Sicily and grew up in Milan. In the late 90′s, after many experiences with local bands in Italy, he became the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for the alternative rock project Mud Hair Jongleur. The band releases two independent albums (“The way that tree bends” 2000 and “The Sunlover’s Tale” 2004), playing more than 300 concerts all over the country and opening for international artists like Deep Purple, Johnny Lang and many other notable rock bands. In 2005 he moves to New York City where he started to experiment with folk music and solo acoustic sets with performances in the most popular clubs of Greenwich Village. During his time in America, his style strayed very far from the rock aggressiveness of his early years in music. His new approach, infuenced by the New York songwriting music scene, was now bases on “a radical acoustic folk atmosphere and a deep whispered narrative, sometimes interlaced by reminiscences of his innate rock attitude” (NYP). The most important Italian newspaper ( Il Corriere della Sera) said, “He’s now the delicate heritage of artists like Jeff Buckley and Damien Rice”. With his newfound solo career, Stead began to travel Europe and let the different surroundings influence him artistically. He played more than 250 shows as an opening act for established international indie bands. During 2008, he played more than 70 shows all across the continent to promote his EP “Following Steps”. He did the same thing the following year after for the “?!” Ep.
During the winter of 2010, Stead played more than 100 shows from Lampedusa to London to promote his latest Full Length Album Rough. A collection of 11 delicate songs recorded between Italy, Sweden and UK, bundled together in a beautiful digipack. The album has been recorded and produced in collaboration with; Cesare Basile (John Parish); Giuliano Dottori; Roberta Cartisano; and the american-irish Dave Muldoon and many more incredible musicians. A
s described by City Magazine, “Smallest things are often the most precious” which lovingly defines the musical and lyrical spirit of Stead’s Live show. Currently living in London, Stead is now poised and ready to hit the road again for this latest release during this new artistic season, and ready to be inspired all over again.