“Somewhere between Memory, Dream, and Prophecy”  It is hard to describe music with words, so let’s make this easy:  If you had a square, but not just any square!  One where in each magic corner you had The Beatles, Yes, Led Zeppelin, and Leo Kottke and in the middle they met daily for tea and vegan falafel…you’d have a sense of the Momentary Prophets.  They are contemporary to other artists in the modern folk wave, yet the music stands alone. Unique among the current acoustic music scene – Progressive Big Folk.  Epic Folk.  Progressive Rainbowgrass.  Words for sounds!
Hailing from Virginia, the Momentary Prophets are dedicated to love, happiness, and the shared ecstasy of every new friend they meet. The trio’s strong tie to the wonders and ineffable dream-moments of life is the primary force behind their writing and art.  They love harmonies, energy, and most of all you.  You are invited to share in the music and seek bliss through it, wherever it resides.  They released their debut album, Sunflower in 2009, and their latest album Mandala in 2010 which has already received massive praise from fans and critics alike.
“At their live shows, they draw listeners in, enfolding them auditorily and physically. They strive to connect with each individual. But can the trio translate that embrace into a recording? The answer is: yes, they can, and they have, as evidenced in this latest CD offering.” – Sarah Hall, The Salisbury Post, in her review of 2010′s Mandala