The Last Internationale is a folk duo, an electric rock and roll/blues/punk rock band based in Manhattoes territory, what some today would call Manhattan, the band is especially known for their explosive live performances and outspokenness on issues of social, economic, and environmental justice. Any of their hardcore fans could testify to the fact that they are one of the few bands that isn’t actually afraid to take a stand on certain issues and state the obvious. The best part is that they take their message to the streets, often playing protests, rallies, parades, riots, etc. With lyrics like “rob the rich/give to the poorest,” that message is to love your mothers, not your enemies- who, by the way, have names and addresses .

Among other accomplishments, ¬†songs from The Last Internationale’s self-titles debut album, have been featured on Amy Goodman’s award-winning show Democracy Now!, can be heard on several radio stations around the world, and are going to be featured in the upcoming international documentary Freedom Rocks!, which includes music celebrities (who don’t need a bio) like Bruce Springsteen, Bono, and Victor Jara.

Their second album, Choose Your Killer, will be released in June 2011 on Manifesta Records. The Last Internationale will be touring from coast to coast again, bringing their heavy hitting blues riffs and powerful fronting vocals so keep an eye and ear out for those tour dates… you know you are in for an intense listening esxperience with an album title like that (and you are)!