In 2006, italian Singer-songwriter and piano player Jolanda Moletta started her project which involved a series of musical and visual collaborations, the first of which was with guitarist Paolo Bessè (Demian Endian). Classical studies and various experiences in the musical field lead to conscious songwriting with an international appeal, recently confirmed by her U.S. tour.
“Arcane, full of energy, beyond styles…”: so the music of Jolanda has been defined, “… when she plays, it looks like she’s conducting a little imaginary orchestra between her fingers and her voice”. Jolanda’s songs tell about inner landscapes, restless astronauts, mirror reflexes, faceless children, shadows, memories in a parade, nightmares and ghosts. On stage, always just a few steps from Jolanda, are Demian Endian (guitar, arranger) and Eros Giuggia (sax). Jolanda also plays musical box, toy piano, kalimba and typewriter.
During Fall 2008, after many concerts in Italy, and having shared the stage with Joan as Policewoman, Amanda Rogers, Handsome Family, Jenny Sorrenti, Jolanda crosses the ocean to introduce her first release Wintry Rains Wailing (2006) to New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. One gig in San Francisco was recorded on the “Live in California EP”. Jolanda has finished recording her second album “Aubade”, produced by Enrico Sabena, featuring the percussion virtuosoMarcello Vento (Canzoniere del Lazio, Jenny Sorrenti).
This record “Aubade” will be available through D.I.T. May, 2010!