Jaggery is a Boston/New York-based musical collective that works the dark edge of a genre-defying musical style critics have called “darkwave jazz”, “arty chamber pop”, and “ethereal avant-rock”. They bring to mind a more classical, organic, avant-jazz oriented Cocteau Twins, or a “white witch” counter to the haunting Diamanda Galas. Front-woman Singer Mali conjures up emotion and atmosphere which can only be weighed on a global scale. Her voice can be a leaf floating in the wind, and then become an Earth-shaking, Everest-sized volcano. Delicate or explosive, it’s always magnificent, captivating and sustained by a gorgeous tapestry woven by a rotating line-up of musicians and instrumentation including upright bass, organic, jazz-inflected percussion and drums, Celtic harp, and modern-classical viola. Jaggery (the word comes comes from the dark brown, Indian sugar) has recorded an EP (in lethe ep, 2003), two albums (polyhymnia, 2005 and Upon A Penumbra, 2010), and has gigged up and down the east coast. Their first music video (‘O Scorpio’, 2009) won their director “Most Promising New England Filmmaker 2009” at the Boston Underground Film Festival.