Singer-songwriter albums are excellent for trips into the human psyche—not just of the artist, but also of ourselves. Dusty Pas’cal’s sincere, warm and honest songwriting communicates effectively through brutal, yet beautifully transparent lyrics and instrumentation that varies from stark guitar to layers of bass, drums, fiddle, piano, pedal steel, additional vocals and more. Pas’cal is a faithful student of the greats he covers, from Kris Kristofferson and Bob Dylan. His wisdom, perhaps partially gained as a husband and the father of five, is apparent in his songs. The lyrics communicate the ideas with openness that allows interpretation. “When it comes right down to it, the honesty’s the key [and] when you own and run a business, and have a wife and five kids to watch over, there just isn’t time for any bullshit”. From music, to family, to work, that’s the essence of Dusty Pas’cal.
His first two studio albums, Home (2006) and More (2008) have garnered fantastic attention in Central New York and across the nation. Dusty’s live record, Brother John (2009), recorded at an intimate theater performance in Syracuse, is an extraordinary representation of his charismatic live presence. Connecting with his audience is Pascal’s greatest attribute. For his latest album, Human Heart (2012), Pas’cal lined up some of the area’s best musicians for this album, including Nick Piccininni, Loren Barrigar, John Dancks, Greg Hoover and John Hannis, and Amanda Rogers, and also notes Subcat Studios engineers Jon Lessels and Jeremy Johnston’s important contributions. Yet Pas’cal is the glue that helped make this perfect project come together. Each song is a gem, from the ear-perking poetic lyrics of “Sundried Heart” to the powerful climax of “40 Mile”.
“I like it better when you can hear little inconsistencies like the ‘pop’ of a guitar string or something. I’ve always just had a real appreciation for the honesty of the music. I like to think of my albums as a sequence of life,” he explained. “So 20 years from now, I can look back at the songs and really know what was happening in my life at that time. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to [write and play] music. I have five kids and a business, and they come first. So I want to express as much as I can while I still have the chance to do it.”
“Authentic, thoughtful & heart written songs, with warmly dynamic production that compliments Dusty’s genuine delivery through every engaging performance…” Dave Frisina 105.9 Radio